MAS Force is a reliable platform for a gamut of field activities for various domains. We offer specialized industry-certified technicians, logistical planners, project managers and Feet on the Streets (FOS) to effectively undertake all sorts of field activities across India. Our team of passionate professionals understand the dynamics of consumer behaviour and have keen-insight of varied industries.

We offer excellent merchandising force to many leading consumer product companies.  Our cost-cutting move reduces merchandising costs by fifty percent. Some of the major services we offer are:

  1. Sales: Our sales agents have a thorough understanding of the requirements of different retail channels. We ensure the most effective field services and take care of how the products are ordered, priced, and merchandised in each store.
  2. Collection&Verification: Our highly competent team will take care & visit your clients for collection of documents and verification purposes.
  3. Retention: We guarantee cost effective approach for retention and negotiating with the customers. It helps in improving overall operations and optimizing efficiencies.
  4. Pickup: We will provide a dedicated team of professionals for picking up & coordinate with the customers of our clients.
  5. Delivery: We ensure easy delivery of the documents to the doorstep of our customers.
  6. Relationship Management: We have a team of professionals who personally visit your customers and manage fruitful relationship with them.
  7. Loyalty Management Programs: A number of loyalty management programs are run by us to generate the interest among customers. They will be answerable to all types of queries raised by the customers. The complete procedure will considerably save your time, money and other resources. ‘

Why MAS Force?

  1. Customer Education: We promise efficient customer retention and loyalty strategy to provide added value for your customers.
  2. Fruitful Market Research & Surveys: Our professional will personally visit the product consumers to capture candid and real time opinions. They get your customers to emotionally invest in your organization by personally asking for their opinion and feedback.
  3. Customer Life Cycle Management:We aim to maintain and retain the customer to ensure recurring and incremental revenue in a competitive environment. We ensure that each effort will lead to strong customer engagement strategy.