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4 Reasons Why the Indian BPO Industry Rocks!!!

Outsourcing of
various non-core services emerged as a mainstream business in the mid-1990s.
Since then, the outsourcing industry, which later came to be known as business
process outsourcing or BPO, has been through several transitions. Despite the
volatile global economic situations prevailing now, the future of the Indian
BPO industry continues to remain positive for many reasons.


Initially, India was chosen as an apt
alternative to in-house processing considering many favorable factors including
large English-speaking workforce and availability of tech-savvy manpower. But
it is the operational cost reduction by outsourcing the business process
services to India that makes the country a suitable destination. Companies are
enjoying as much as 50-60 percent of cost reduction by outsourcing to India.

Talent Pool

Despite the stiff
competition from The Philippines, Vietnam and other Asian countries, the Indian
BPO industry still remains an attractive destination because of the
availability of vast skilled labor and their proficiency in understanding
progressive technology. Companies, lately, have started realizing that
outsourcing is more than just cost arbitrage and thereby zeroing in on India
for enhancing the business productivity along with efficiency.

Leveraging Cost-advantage From Tier
II Cities

The existence of a
large number of tier II cities in the country is the biggest advantage for
the Indian business process outsourcing companies which find working
in such cities to be cost-effective. Besides, the mounting cost of living in
these cities has forced the companies to begin operations in the rural regions
as it seemed to be promising to significantly reduce the overhead costs in the
long run.

Human Resource Advantage

Though some of the Asian countries are rising to be at par with India in providing cost-effective BPO services, these countries lack sufficient human resources to cater to the global market. India, on the other hand, with its large competent professionals is driving the BPO industry, thereby proving it to be an ideal destination for outsourcing services.

With the world economic situation remaining saturated, the outlook for the global BPO industry is expected to be optimistic in the medium to long term. And, given these advantages that India has over the other countries, it is surely at a leading stance in the BPO industry.

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