How to use AI to enhance your team productivity and customer satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction

How to use AI to enhance your team productivity and customer satisfaction

PWC conducted a study that found that 72% of business decision-makers believe that AI is a key tool that will allow humans to focus on more meaningful work.
Although agents play a crucial role in delivering a company’s products and services, there is potential for them to be more efficient with their time.
In this blog post, we will discuss six stellar ways to improve your agent productivity and increase customer satisfaction with AI. We will go over how AI can help with automating tasks, providing personalized content, optimizing the agent’s workflow, and more.

Effective Ways to Improve Agent Productivity With Artificial Intelligence

There are several ways that businesses can use AI to improve their agent productivity. Some of the most common ways include:

  • Automating simple tasks so that agents can focus on more complex tasks
  • Providing agents with real-time feedback so that they can improve their performance
  • Connecting agents with other experts so that they can get help when needed
  • Using AI to improve agent productivity can help businesses save time and money.

At Mas CallNet, our customer support team specializes in advanced AI algorithms with smart human intervention. This helps us provide the best possible service to our customers by offering them the support that is both efficient and personal.

  1. Automation of repetitive and mundane tasks

    By automating tasks that are currently done manually, businesses can save time and increase agent productivity. AI can help with this by taking on simple tasks so that agents can focus on more complex ones. This can free up time for businesses so that they can work on more important tasks and grow their business.

  2. Better use of data

    Implementing AI can help businesses use data and target customer support resources more efficiently to provide a higher quality of service. This not only helps improve agent productivity but also reduces customer wait times.
    While your support agents are product experts, they might not be able to provide the right answers to every customer query in record time.
    However, with AI-powered agent assist bots, you can enable your support team to quickly sift through the most relevant resources from your content repositories, such as your knowledge base, blogs, and other internal sources of information. The ML algorithms powering these bots can also learn from past resolved tickets to suggest the best solutions more effectively over time.

  3. Improved communication flow and process

    By training their agents with AI, businesses can help to improve both agent interaction and customer satisfaction. By using AI to train new agents on the proper techniques for interacting with customers, businesses can ensure that new employees are properly equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to provide quality service.

  4. Automation of processes

    With AI, businesses can automate processes to improve agent efficiency. This can save time and help to increase agent productivity. One way is by automating repetitive tasks.
    For example, an AI agent could review and approve purchase orders automatically. Or, it could recommend products to customers based on their preferences and past purchases.
    In addition, AI can guide how to improve customer service interactions. For example, if a customer has a question about their account or order, the AI agent could offer a possible solution.

  5. Managing ticket volume more effectively

    If your support agents are constantly bombarded with customer requests, trying to figure out which ones are more urgent and then routing them to the appropriate teams or flagging them under the right categories can be a total nightmare.
    AI and intelligent automation can help improve ticket routing time so that the requests always end up with the right experts, quicker responses are given, and customer satisfaction is increased. ML algorithms are trained to automatically categorize incoming customer issues. This leaves support agents with plenty of time to focus on more complex issues than sorting through support tickets.

  6. Improved customer service process and save time

    One key metric that support agents are evaluated against is the number of tickets they’ve closed. But, every time a customer writes back to the support agent – even if it’s just to thank them – the ticket in your help desk automatically gets reopened. The support agent has to then take the time to update the ticket properties and resolve it again, which creates duplicate effort and impacts their KPIs. This can be avoided with AI, which can detect customer intent in responses and prevent tickets from being reopened unnecessarily.


As agents continue to face increasing competition, it is increasingly important for them to be as efficient as possible with their time. AI can play a key role in helping agents achieve this goal by automating aspects of their workflow.
By using AI, agents can more easily identify and act on opportunities, save time on mundane tasks, and monitor progress towards long-term goals.
With the help of AI, agents can achieve a level of productivity that will help them stay ahead of the curve and keep their clients happy.
At Mas Callnet, our team of customer support specialists utilize cutting-edge AI algorithms in tandem with experienced human intervention to provide the best possible service to our valued customers. By offering them a support system that is both efficient and personal, we are able to deliver an unparalleled level of service that the brands can always rely on!

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