Approach each customer with the idea of helping him or her solve a problem or achieve a goal not of selling a product or service.

The Insurance Industry is engulfed with many challenges from intense competition, stringent regulation to changing customer expectations. Insurance Industry is looking to capture the mindspace of the customers which is always looking for options, In such a scenario what is most important is not only introducing new product but also reduce time to market for these products, improved business processes that ensure top notch customer experience. Teammas single point focus on driving business revenue with a focussed approach on customer satisfaction and delight, where every business process is designed and executed by subject matter experts and domain experts with decades of experience to be a strong backbone support to your team to attract and retain customers, improve efficiency and reduced costs



We strive to innovate for every client's specific need

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    Driving and offshooting business revenue numbers by setting up business processes for customer acquisitions with our domain expertise, and large trained workforce.

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    Customer interaction touch points

    Managing the integrated voice of customer across channel with our trained workforce and advanced technology platforms.

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    Operations management

    Setting up and managing sales and delivery office across industries with target driven goals.

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    Process improvement opportunities based on insight and analytics for enhanced growth strategies, Bringing human learning to predictive analytics by mapping call trends, analytics and insights on consumer complaints with direct impact on revenue, competitor ranking, comprehensive reports on consumer expectations from the brand.

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    Our leadership team carrying several decades of business process outsourcing, technology experience and our team of trained salesforce and managers helps in building advanced strategies for all your business goals and needs like setting up new processes, strategy for launch in new markets, tier 3 cities, new territory expansion consulting, customer experience to the last mile etc.

Benefits to bank on

Customized solutions tailor-made for your industry

  • 360 degree customer life cycle management.
  • Omni channel Enabled customer experience touchpoints.
  • Sales
  • FOS based solutions.
  • Retentions & Renewals.

Why Us

India`s only true 360 degree customer lifecycle management company
Enabled Customer Services
AI Enabled Applications
Proven Domain Experience
Intelligent Insights
Phenomenal CX Quotient
Make Business Future Ready
Empowering Businesses to take measured and controlled decisions
Enhancing automations and reducing Human interventions.
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