Excellent firms don't believe in excellence - only in constant improvement and constant change.

These are demanding times for logistics industry, as new age digital companies as well as changing customer expectations are challenging the market positioning of established players and their age old proven methods of doing business. Adding to It are the pressures of increased costs as well as falling business margins due to fragile economic and diplomatics environment, trade wars as well as heavy competition. This calls for a need for a new outlook and methods of doing business for optimizing costs, increasing the bottomline margins and maximizing returns on investment.


With Teamass decades of experience in seizing the true business potential by creating an improved  business process across industries. Now is the time to unlock the true value potential across the supply chain system, digitizing legacy tech and offline business assets to save time and increase reach to optimize cost and improve profitability


Customized solutions tailor-made for your industry

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    Cost optimization

    Unlocking superlative supply chain processes, Building New Processes, Bringing Offline processes online

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    Customer's voice management

    Advanced Insights and 360 degree digital integrations and complete customer lifecycle enabling decision makers with appropriate on-time information.

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    Enhancing deliveries

    Setting up Process to enhance the number of deliveries per day by the FOS

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    Increasing Bottom Line margins

    Reduce order return processes, Linguistic caller Process for better customer service.

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    Digital Intelligence

    360 degree business process integrations, enhancing offline process performances with digital intervention and revamp through connected and automated apps, minimizing human intervention and chances of errors, standardizing processes for enhanced results in context of innovative strategies

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    Analytics, AI and ML

    Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning based Process improvement opportunities for enhanced growth strategies, Bringing human learnings to predictive analytics.

Benefits to bank on

We strive to innovate for every client's specific need

  • Omni channel enabled customer interaction points.
  • 360 degree customer lifecycle management.
  • Analytics
  • Enhancing the count of deliveries.
  • Reducing field effort cost by 65%.

Why Us

India`s only true 360 degree customer lifecycle management company
Enabled Customer Services
AI Enabled Applications
Proven Domain Experience
Intelligent Insights
Phenomenal CX Quotient
Make Business Future Ready
Empowering Businesses to take measured and controlled decisions
Enhancing automations and reducing Human interventions.
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