Incremental Sales

Elevate Sales Performance
Through Outsourcing

Gain a competitive edge and optimize your sales strategy. Our tailored solutions enhance customer satisfaction, foster lasting partnerships, and boost lifetime value. We provide the right sales offers at the right time while reducing operating costs. Address unique B2C, B2B, D2C, or industry-specific needs, and increase conversion rates across channels and markets. Our services amplify order size, sales per hour, and budget efficiency through analytics and customization. Our high-tech, high-touch approach facilitates cost-effective cross-selling and upselling. Integrate video into your omnichannel sales strategy for live, face-to-face support that leaves a lasting impression.

Unlocking Customer Retention Excellence

In the dynamic landscape of customer retention, we stand out as the catalyst for future-ready brands. Our omnichannel CX management, powered by AI and process automation, propels businesses to new heights. We offer predictive churn management, reducing costs while maximizing efficiency. Our advanced business consulting and solution design services are designed to optimize both business efficiencies and results.

Retaining customers is our specialty, achieved through the delivery of intelligent, connected, and consistent experiences, including the trending video customer support solution. We prioritize data security, implementing end-to-end practices, policies, and protocols to keep both company and customer data safeguarded. Partner with us to drive customer loyalty and secure a brighter future for your brand.

Call Centre Service
Cloud Telephony Solutions

Empowering Business Success Through AI-Driven Innovation

With over two decades of experience in customer lifecycle management, our contact center empowers businesses to become future-ready. By implementing AI-driven innovations and process automations, we help our clients scale efficiently while providing personalized service that nurtures loyalty and growth. Our expertise in customer retention and expansion enables us to identify new opportunities that will make our clients leaders in their industries. As your strategic partner, our innovation-focused solutions will help automate and enhance every stage of your customer journey. By leveraging the latest technologies like AI and Business Process Automations (BPA), our contact center will propel your business into the future and prepare you for long-term success. With us, you gain a team committed to helping you achieve sustainable growth and become a future-ready business.

Innovative Collections for Customer-Focused Growth

Managing collections with a customer-centric approach is key to building loyalty and reducing costs at every stage. Our solutions help reset your collections strategy using advanced analytics to segment customers and understand intent. By applying hyper-personalized, omnichannel contact strategies, we can optimize outcomes and achieve the right balance between experience and efficiency.

Our customer experience management solutions innovate, automate, and streamline global CX operations. We deliver your optimal brand experience through the channels and languages your customers prefer. With technology and analytics, we can identify opportunities to improve collections, build sustainable client relationships, and promote growth. Partner with us to transform collections into an opportunity to exceed customer expectations.

Customer Relationship Management

Established in 2003, Mas Callnet India P. Ltd. stands out as India’s exclusive 360-degree Customer Experience (CX) focused ITES provider.

We leverage profound industry expertise in contact center operations. This synergy allows us to deliver exceptional AI-led solutions to a diverse portfolio of over 250 clients spanning various domains.

Our distinctive approach involves seamlessly integrating People, Process, and Technology, resulting in innovative and cost-effective solutions. This methodology has consistently empowered us to offer exemplary customized services.

With a wealth of experience in tailoring solutions for our clients, we remain dedicated to continuous innovation, ensuring we meet the unique needs of every client.

Customer interactions
Industry Verticals

MCN has been successful in delivering exceptional customer experiences to our clients and has been able to create a remarkable impact on their business irrespective of the nature and size of their business.

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Frequently asked questions

Inbound call centers manage all incoming communication to an organization, through calls, texts, emails, and live chat queries. All customer queries can then easily be answered by the agent on-call promptly and efficiently

When SMBs, start-ups, and enterprises want to reach out to a targeted list of customers, they can do so by outsourcing it to an outbound call center service provider. This can be done for churn management, customer retention, collection calling, feedback collection or upselling and cross selling.

Inbound call center solutions are designed to streamline the incoming call experience of customers, through solutions such as call barging, mobile apps, and CRM integration. Outbound calling has many features, primary among them being the dialer. There are thre