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In this digital era, Customer Experience (CX) is rapidly evolving. To excel as CX champions, financial institutions must provide a seamless omni-channel experience, leaving a lasting impact.

iSpark: Your Digital CX Partner

At iSpark, we rise to the challenge of this evolving CX landscape with our digitally intelligent services specially tailored for the financial industry. Our approach combines domain expertise with cutting-edge digital CX solutions, a focus on design thinking, and technology-driven centers of excellence. Together, we co-create exceptional customer experiences that win the hearts of your clients

Outbound Call Center Services and Solutions Provider in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Greater Noida, Gurugram, Faridabad - India

Our Offerings

Customer Acquisition

Using the perfect blend of people, process and technology, we identify potential customers, enabling brands to reach the..

Helpdesk / Technical Support

Fraud & Risk Monitoring is a dynamic system designed to identify and address fraudulent activities, as well as assess and mitigate..

Fraud, Disputes & Collections

Know Your Vendor (KYV), Know Your Customer (KYC) Compliance, and Third-party Risk Management are crucial components of regulatory..

Retention & Loyalty

Know Your Vendor (KYV), Know Your Customer (KYC) Compliance, and Third-party Risk Management are crucial components of regulatory..

Account / Cards / Mortgage / Loan set up & Servicing

Know Your Vendor (KYV), Know Your Customer (KYC) Compliance, and Third-party Risk Management are crucial components of regulatory..

Back Office Operations

Know Your Vendor (KYV), Know Your Customer (KYC) Compliance, and Third-party Risk Management are crucial components of regulatory..

iSpark empowers customers to interact with your business through any media channel, any device, anywhere with a personalized, effortless, and consistent customer experience throughout their journey.

iSpark lets you define your personalized IVR flow with IVR scripts in multiple languages, warm greetings, call waiting music, specific actions on different numbers, and more.

iSpark CRM allows businesses to focus on their company's relationships with customers, colleagues, suppliers, etc. We have made CRM's that are fully customizable as per the need. Prime CRM's are Customer Support Management CRM, Sales Management CRM, Ticket Management & Inventory Management CRM.

Our tech-empowered, Multi-lingual, Qualified professionally trained, and engaged workforce delivers customer engagement quotient seamlessly and consistently.

iSpark Virtual Front Office enables businesses to instantly decide and configure how their business should receive and respond to customer calls. The system will route calls to the assigned person, log and record every call which empowers businesses to take strategic decisions.

Robust dashboards that reflect real-time data about iSpark agent-customer conversations through multiple channels help you, deep-dive, into customer behavior and getting deeper insights into the operations to make informed decisions.

With iSpark’s Omnichannel Customer Support or Online Reputation Management support (ORM), you can keep all customer data in the form of contacts inside a single platform so your service reps can address the issues with proper context and delight the customers.

Inbound Call Center Services and Solutions Provider in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Greater Noida, Gurugram, Faridabad - India
Best Inbound Call Center Company

Empowering Financial Resilience

Your Partner in Financial Crime Risk Management

In a world where money laundering and fraud collectively cost businesses and individuals trillions of dollars each year, the stakes are higher than ever. The convergence of heightened regulatory scrutiny and the rapid digital transformation has intensified the gravity and frequency of financial crimes.

iSpark, a trusted partner, collaborates with global banks, financial institutions, and FinTech companies to navigate the intricate operational challenges associated with fraud and money laundering. Our mission is to reduce risk, bolster compliance, and effectively tackle the ever-escalating financial burdens.

Leveraging our profound industry expertise and comprehensive Financial Crime Compliance (FCC) solutions and services, we empower organizations worldwide to confront the critical facets of financial crime risk management, safeguard their operations, and fortify their enterprises.

Our Offerings

AML Compliance

Using the perfect blend of people, process and technology, we identify potential customers, enabling brands to reach the right audience at..

Fraud & Risk Monitoring

In today's digital banking landscape, efficient and responsive helpdesk and technical support are critical for maintaining customer trust..

Know Your Vendor (KYV) / Know Your Customer (KYC) Compliance / Third-party Risk Management

Fraud prevention, dispute resolution, and collections management are paramount in the BFSI sector. Our game-changing approach includes predictive..

iSpark’s robust auto dialer software capabilities propel and empower both traditional outbound call center activities such as voice-based activities and telemarketing, as well as new proactive customer outreach strategies that take advantage of multiple contact channels.

Our trained, empowered, and engaged workforce delivers global customer engagement, seamlessly and reliably. Supported by technology throughout our processes, we help in delivering a world-class customer experience to our clients.

Our professional team of supervisors keeps a constant tab on your business calls with real-time reports on incoming, outgoing, attended, and missed calls and other interactions. The training & Quality team are aligned to the goal of delivering the targeted results.

Reports for agent productivity, sales productivity, Call efficacy reports, Quality audit reports, Training needs analysis, etc. give businesses a detailed and in-depth view of the performance of your outsourcing partner. DialDesk gives you the flexibility of receiving reports as well as extracting reports at your convenience.

20+ years of Business Process Management experience. Catering to 10 plus industry verticals both domestic and international markets. Multilingual workforce support.

Quick deployment of the process, Easy scalability, and agility enabling seamless service delivery

Continuous cost reductions through AI-led automation and optimum utilization of resources.

Unmatched process excellence with 99.5% uptime.

iSpark facilitates revenue realization by providing actionable insights through real-time intelligent analytics to perceive the requirement and achieve efficiency.

iSpark is an ISO 27001-2013 and ISO 9001-2015 certified organization

iSpark aligns efficiently with your business strategies and desired outcomes with its unique automated IT solutions and Tech-enabled manpower.

We are a two-decade-old, BFSI and Fintech Focussed BPO. We partner with banking, financial services, and FinTech companies to power their digital transformation journey. Leveraging our industry expertise, innovative business models, and process excellence, we harness domain-driven technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), and analytics to deliver tangible value in a dynamic and highly regulated business landscape. Our collaborative approach empowers clients to achieve agility, operational efficiency, robust risk and compliance measures, and an exceptional end-customer experience, all of which accelerate the transformation of the banking sector.

BFSI & Fintech Clients Served Globally
Best-in-Class Professionals
Years of Experience
Multi-lingual Global Delivery
CX Centers of Excellence
Omni-channel Support

We are certified

ISO certified comapany ISO certified comapany

Frequently asked questions

Inbound call centers manage all incoming communication to an organization, through calls, texts, emails, and live chat queries. All customer queries can then easily be answered by the agent on-call promptly and efficiently

When SMBs, start-ups, and enterprises want to reach out to a targeted list of customers, they can do so by outsourcing it to an outbound call center service provider. This can be done for churn management, customer retention, collection calling, feedback collection or upselling and cross selling.

Inbound call center solutions are designed to streamline the incoming call experience of customers, through solutions such as call barging, mobile apps, and CRM integration. Outbound calling has many features, primary among them being the dialer. There are three types of dialer - progressive, predictive and preview, that boosts the agent’s productivity and overall process efficiency.

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response, while OBD stands for outbound calling (A prerecorded message goes out to your prospective buyers with required communication). IVR helps users to interact flawlessly with the call system using their dial-pad while OBD can be used to reach out to potential customers with key campaign messages for a specific period of time.

During times of high call volume, an effective IVR system can help avoid hold time by helping customers find answers and perform simple tasks themselves. In cases where a customer needs or requests to speak with a support representative, the technology can help route calls quickly and seamlessly to the best call center agent to address their inquiry or queries.

Cloud telephony enables companies to store their entire database on the cloud, for quicker access, ease of data control and cost effectiveness. Companies have the ease to access the information at anytime, anywhere and leverage a range of advanced features such as virtual numbers, IVR, click-to call, missed call service, outbound calling and many more.


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