Marketing has become a dominant force in the FMCG sector. This is because companies try to appeal more to new customers by creating new extensions of their brands and entering new markets.

However, the bedrock of the brand lies in customer service; a quality that keeps existing customers and creates brand advocates for any company’s product. As part of this, third parties such as contact centers play an instrumental role in measuring your product’s quality.

Mas Callnetcan help provide an exceptional user experience that is invaluable to any business looking to differentiate itself in today’s competitive marketplace. We combine the best of online, traditional, and personal interaction, as a third-party company that can manage customer relationships across multiple channels.

Our Comprehensive Suite of Solutions

Customized solutions tailor-made for your industry

Customer Support

We offer a suite of customer support solutions, including Dialer, Cloud Telephony, and 24X7 Human Support. One of the greatest advantages is that you can pay as you use it, which makes it a cost-effective and affordable solution. Moreover, we offer chatbot solutions powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning that use natural language processing (NLP) to analyze a customer’s question and then deliver a response.

Customers can contact our customer support representatives 24/7/365 for assistance with their queries and find the solutions they are looking for, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and reducing churn.

Customer Acquisition

Business cannot exist without new customers. You need to build up a relationship with your customer through trust, and with that you can depend on gaining leads for a greater future. We can help; we have the tools, knowledge, and infrastructure needed to build a long-term solution that works for you without affecting your bottom line.

Mas Callnet offers a holistic range of customer acquisition solutions through intelligent cross-selling and up-selling, with inbound and outbound telemarketing. Mas Callnet’s scalable and cost-effective solutions combined with agents help handle order management, verification of data, account activation, application processing, etc., for both pre and post sales support.

Lead Filter & Management

Partnering with Mas Callnet can make it easy for your business to get connected with potential leads. Mas Callnet helps you identify the most promising leads and build relationships with them to increase your chances of making a sale. We help you find the best leads so you can drive more sales, generate substantial revenue in less time, and pay only as you use our services.

Inbound Management

Since our agents are available 24X7, we can handle all your inbound calls, from enquiries to complaints. We are able to handle your end-to-end inquiries regardless of the channel they come in through, whether it is phone call, chat, email or social media.

Retailer Management

Retail customer service can be challenging, but Mas Callnet can help make it easier. Mas Callnet empowers companies to deal with their customers more efficiently and effectively, from order booking to resolving their queries across all touchpoints. Our goal is to drive sales and transform customer experiences through a variety of touchpoints.

VRM (Virtual Relationship Management)

Mas Callnet can assist you in managing your customer interactions by promptly and efficiently answering each of their questions. We make sure that our customer support representatives are available 24X7.

As your trusted VRM partner, Mas Callnet provides your customers with nthe latest product offerings, order bookings, etc. This, in turn, can help drastically reduce the number of sales personnel at support desks.

Our Key Differentiators

We strive to innovate for every client's specific need

Building Omnichannel Interaction Points

Upselling and Cross-selling via 360-degree Integrations

Improved Business Processes through AI and ML

An Integrated Customer Lifecycle Management Approach

Par Excellence Data Security Standards


What kind of FMCG services can we outsource?

Telesales, Customer Acquisition, Inbound Customer Service, Cancellation Support, Helpdesk, Return & Refund, and Omnichannel Customer Engagement can be outsourced by FMCG companies.

Why is outsourcing beneficial for customers?

When you outsource your support services to us, we deploy a team of 24×7 customer support agents across multiple channels. This allows us to provide prompt and accurate customer service. This consistency allows you to gain their trust and ensure your company’s long-term success.

Is there a way to evaluate BPO or customer support providers?

FMCG Customer Support & BPO partners can be evaluated by looking at their global reach, contact centre size, recognition and accreditations, relevant industry experience, plans, learning and development programmes, and client testimonials.

What are the benefits of outsourcing to Mas Callnet?

Mas Callnet provides affordable and efficient support for your business. We collaborate with you to ensure that we only charge for the services you use, and our solution is easily scalable in terms of cost to manage seasonal spikes.

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