Mas Callnet provides customer support for health care providers. We can help you improve customer satisfaction, reduce churn and costs through insightful call monitoring.

We can help you reduce costs and increase efficiency by leveraging AI technology which provides real-time metrics about your services offering. This allows us to adjust our business strategies, thereby allowing you to offer premium customer care to your clients and increase satisfaction levels.

We combine efficient and seamless processes with knowledgeable 24X7 human support. Our team of experts has deep domain expertise and helps clients meet industry standards by taking care of compliance.

Our Comprehensive Suite of Solutions

Customized solutions tailor-made for your industry

Scheduling Appointments

We can efficiently handle all aspects of the appointment scheduling process. We ensure that your patients are properly notified about their upcoming appointments, from booking to rescheduling and confirmation. In addition, we can verify the appointment information and confirm it as necessary.

Customer Acquisition

Mas Callnet focuses on helping businesses acquire customers. Our intelligent telesales and marketing help them with both B2B and B2C sales, providing managed services that are scalable, cost-effective, resulting in higher productivity by using agents to handle pre- and post-sales support. These include order management, data verification, account activation, and application processing for both pre and post sales support.

Inbound Interaction

Healthcare customer support is a critical element of providing quality patient care. Inbound interaction is one way to ensure that patients receive the help they need in a timely and efficient manner. By handling inquiries and concerns through inbound channels such as phone, email, and web chat, healthcare providers can resolve issues quickly and effectively. This type of interaction also allows healthcare providers to build better relationships with patients by providing them with the individualized attention they deserve.

Mas Callnet has an excellent customer service and support centre that provides help and answers to your queries across all touchpoints. Customers can contact us through phone, email, instant message, or live chat. We aim to provide the most positive possible experience for your customers by attending to their inquiries and offering solutions in a timely manner.

Outbound Call Management

Our reps can call your clients to take orders and help them discover the best offers from wholesalers and distributors that will increase revenue for your business. Through lead filtration and management, we can help you generate more business, which will reduce your sales representative costs and increase your revenue. Moreover, we can also conduct follow-up calls to prospects following an email campaign. Alternatively, we can do outbound telemarketing to provide customers with product or service offers.

Bespoke IVR Solutions

We place a high value on providing accurate and reliable customer service to our clients. Our agents are dedicated to providing timely and accurate customer service. Our latest IVR customization options also allow your customers to choose the options that are most pertinent to their core concerns. This will enable them to get fast resolutions and get back onto track in no time.

Our IVR solutions improve customer service by connecting your customers with the right teams. The use of automated voice messaging can range from booking appointments to checking delivery status to ensuring accurate billing. Using our IVR options, customers can track their order status and shipment online. In turn, this helps reduce the probability of errors.

Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Our customer support agents are specialized in delivering high quality patient outreach. Because of their thorough understanding of the ways our customers respond to post-care outreach, they can help you reduce churn with insights that help you create a more satisfying end-user experience.

Our Key Differentiators

We strive to innovate for every client's specific need

Building Omnichannel Interaction Points

Upselling and Cross-selling via 360-degree Integrations

Improved Business Processes through AI and ML

An Integrated Customer Lifecycle Management Approach

Par Excellence Data Security Standards


How will your services help my patients?

One of the most significant aspects of healthcare is patient care. To provide your patients with the most effective care possible, you need to have a strong team of support experts who can help you meet those needs. We, at Mas Callnet, understand that importance and therefore work hard to uphold our ethical standards in everything we do. Our support executives will undergo extensive training before they begin working at Mas Callnet. This will enable them to deliver competent, professional assistance whenever they speak with our healthcare clients or respond to emails or phone calls. We are ISO:27001 certified and follow all rules regarding data privacy to ensure the safety and security of our patients’ information at all times.

Are your healthcare agents properly trained?

We have been providing healthcare customer support solutions for over a decade and place a high value on employee training. This period of training can last anywhere between a week and several months depending on client needs.

Is outsourcing healthcare customer service expensive?

Outsourcing business solutions like Mas Callnet’s healthcare outsourcing is a sure way to improve productivity within your business for a relatively low cost. However, we recognize that some companies don’t know how effective it can be in your efforts to reduce operational expenses and boost patient approval ratings.

We only charge you for the services you use, and our solution can be scaled to accommodate seasonal spikes in demand.

For more information about Mas Callnet’s technology deployment solutions, book a free consultation with us now to take advantage of our technical expertise.

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