What is the Customer Effort Score and How To Improve It?
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What is the Customer Effort Score and How To Improve It?

The customer effort score is important for businesses to understand because it helps them see how well customers are doing in relation to achieving their goals. The CES is a number on a scale of 0 to 100 that takes into account four components of the customer experience: effort, outcome, emotion, and loyalty.
A high CES score means that customers are putting in the required effort to achieve their objectives. This, in turn, can help businesses identify areas where they may need to provide more support or assistance.
CES is a great way to see how much your customers are putting into using your product. By factoring in how easy or difficult it is for them to complete specific tasks, you can get a good sense of how well they are meeting your expectations.
This blog provides an overview of CES and how it can be used as a metric. It also includes a step-by-step guide on how to calculate CES so you can start using it right away.

What is the Customer Effort Score?

The Customer Effort Score (CES) is a metric that helps organizations understand how effectively they are meeting the needs and desires of their customers.
A high CES indicates that an organization is providing a high level of customer service, while a low CES suggests that the organization may not be providing the best possible customer service.
The CES metric can be used to improve customer service, product design and development, marketing campaigns, and more.
It’s not just a number on a scale of 1 to 10 that represents an index of satisfaction. It’s not just a single number score that you can measure against a metric of your choice.
It’s a number that is calculated based on a set of data that’s collected based on the behavioral patterns of your customers.
It’s a number that’s calculated based on the frequency and intensity of the efforts your customers are willing to make to interact with your company.
Last but not the least, it’s a number that is calculated based on the level of your customer’s happiness.

Calculation of the Customer Effort Score

The Customer Effort Score (CES) is an important metric to track and measure customer satisfaction. It is the weighted average of a customer’s effort expended about the amount of effort that would be required to solve a problem or complete a task.
The CES can be used as a metric to evaluate customer satisfaction, identify areas for improvement, and quantify the level of customer engagement.
Since the CES is composed of effort expended and difficulty levels associated with common tasks and problems, it can be used with any type of customer interaction or problem-solving.
By understanding what customers are trying to do and how difficult those tasks are, companies can improve their service offerings, create more engaging experiences, and increase loyalty among customers.
The CES is calculated by taking the total number of interactions required to complete an action and dividing that number by the total number of interactions possible.
For example, if a customer has to input their email address 10 times to buy something online, their CES would be 10/100.
The goal of measuring customer effort is to identify areas where improvement can be made to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Areas, where improvement is needed, may include:

  1. Understanding how customers interact with the product or service
  2. Making it easier for customers to complete desired actions
  3. Reducing the amount of time it takes customers to complete desired actions
  4. Improving the quality of customer service
Final Thoughts

Customer effort score is an index that measures the effort customers have to make when they interact with your brand.We encourage you to use the CX Index to benchmark your customer effort score in order to determine what actions you can take to improve your customer experience.
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